Thursday, 25 November 2010


 This is my entry for the TAKE A WORD challenge this week.......the word is MEN. Yes, I know it's pink, that's just me being what my husband calls perverse! I mean what other colour would you use for MEN?

 I found this picture in my Dads motoring magazine, there was a article on motoring art. Can you see the rider has a skull face? Well, that settled it, just had to be used!

I realised this morning that I have left ALL my white pens in Almaty so I decided to use some gesso on a thin brush around the letters.......I like the ghostly effect!

Will leave you with 3 things I discovered today:
it's not a good idea to take a white wash out of the washing machine after working with black paint...gggrrrrh
if I put the lid back on the gesso pot completely I can't get it off again......gggrrrh
and it's too cold to take pictures outside bbbbrrrhhhh!


johanna said...


Effie said...

Despite all the grrrrrs.. it's a fab page!

Peet said...

Great work done!!!

indybev said...

Great layout! The gesso around the letters was a great idea, and they DO look ghostly. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Willy said...

Fabulous combination of pink and man, Sue!

Sandy said...

So cool new page.
Absolutely stunning.

Deborah said...

I believe pink is traditionally the colour for boys in Arab countries. So not so inapropriate. A really cool page!

Ozstuff said...

A wonderful, ghostly take on this week's challenge. Thoroughly unique, cleverly designed, perfect!!
Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge this week.