Friday, 5 November 2010


This morning I am feeling a little unsettled (more of why later) and still stuck in the Autumn/Hallowe'en frame of mind so while I am waiting for the something that inspires me to move onto something else and into a different season I decided to finish off this project and then to show it to you.
 This skull is on was a practice piece I did when making the book in my previous post and rather than waste it I decided to add it to a journal page. Rather than trim close to the skull itself and end up with sharp metal edges I left a border of metal around it and then glued book pages over and around it to hold it in place.

 Did the same with this word piece. I like the way the metal piece seems more integrated into the page with the paper right up to the edges of the metal.

 Hopefully you can see the raised texture of this?

 Ok, so back to why I am feeling a little unsettled........we just heard we have to leave here to come home to UK for Christmas earlier than we planned.......not a bad thing in itself but I just start to feel settled and had plans till the end of the month and then have to go! There are advantages.......might get a weekend in Paris out of it so not all bad!
This set me thinking..............and I have a question for you have to feel settled and at peace to be able to create?? I find that I do!!!


Sid said...

Fab piece Sue, very textured. I do need to feel settled otherwise I can't get my crafting head on !!

*** Suzi B *** said...

Absolutely!...I don't function well when I'm "unsettled" for whatever reason!
Hope you get your weekend in gorgeous Paris.
Stunning art work as usual :)

Effie said...

Great pages.... allthough I do find skull things a bit scary. I can't produce anything remotely good if I'm jangled and jittery..not a nice feeling.
A weekend in paris sounds like it might help!

Palma said...

Yes, that is a stunning piece.

I also have to feel settled in order to create the way that I want to.

Enjoy yourself in Paris, and I hope that we get to see some of your lovely photographs from the trip.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

The weekend in Paris sounds fab Sue, and you can make up for it when you get home, we can plan a few trips out. I hate being unsettled and I definitely CANNOT create in this frame of mind. Mind you your piece is fabulous and love the skull and the flowers surrounding it. Great piece. Tracy xxx

Cheryl said...

oh wow this is one amazing piece of art hun totally love al the super detail that is on here,me too I have to feel settled as cant craft if I am,hugs cheryl xxx

Caz said...

Definitely an amazing piece!
Ditto everyone else regarding unsettled crafting - my den's been tidied but nothing much has been produced in it due to my recent job change - hopefully it'll settle down soon in time for creating Xmas cards!
Envy you your weekend in Paris - hope it comes off!

chris f said...

Hi Sue! yes I agree that I need to feel settled, but back in the days when I used to write poetry, I used to need to be "rattled" or upset to write anything half decent. Maybe that's why I don't do it any more, I'm too happy!
Paris sounds good!

olive said...

the answer is yes Sue, I do.... no doubt you will get lots of stuff for crafting whilst in Paris.... so jealous:) Lucky you. Ciao

johanna said...

the texture and the images are breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!