Sunday, 8 August 2010

On using up leftovers and being minimal

A few posts back I mentioned that I had been on a card making workshop taught by Sarah Anderson. Today I pulled out one of my journals to work on something completely different and lots of bits and pieces I had made at that workshop and not used fell out. So, not wanting to waste them I decided to use them up before working on my next idea!
I had also coloured a page in the journal while at that class so I had a ready made background to work on.
This is the result! I am quite pleased with it so far though feel it needs words of some sort......think I will wait till the right ones come along and add them of the beauties of working in a journal I find, you can go back and add stuff!

The strip with the half a cog, stitching and smal circles................that was the edge of a card I didn't much like! I like it much better now!
The cogs are Tim Holtz and the flowers are also die cut......sorry don't know the maker. I'm not much of a die cutter but I have to say I now have the cogs die on its way and I do like the flowers!

This next page is on the same theme of using up leftovers but also of trying to work in a simple, minimal way which I find SO HARD! Although I like the way this looks it just feels like it needs something more!! Especially the edges of the pages, they look so bare to me!!!

Any ideas or thoughts? Be honest here, I am curious to know how others feel about this!


Burnice said...

These pages are fab. Ideas... now let me think.. You could distress the edges with ink (pumice stone!) or a tool or another idea I had was you could always just give them to me as a pressie cos I quite like them as they are!!!!!!
Hope that helps!
Burnice xx

Carol Q said...

I think they look great Sue but at the same time, I don't do minimal well and I would feel the need to add more LOL (no help there then!)

Sid said...

Ohh fab pages, love them !!

Wendy said...

I like the pages but agree re the empty space...for me could keep the simple minimal appearance but add some gessoed book paper to the outer edges to soften and fill them........or tissue tape maybe.......or journal around the very outer edges to frame it in a pale colour...or a bit of zen maybe........but that's just me....

Nigel said...

Fabulous pages.

I think the second set work well as they are, although maybe a little bit of patchy decoration in one or two spots would be ok, a bit of frieze/stonework type pattern in a neutral colour maybe

Kimber said...

I'd try inking the edges of the 2nd set - give them an outline. If that didn't work you could always gesso over and try something else! Love that about journaling.
I love the first set. I agree about letting the journal page set to decide what to do to finish - maybe my fav part about journaling.

Rosie said...

I DO like the bare minimal one but it does look kind of incomplete, and I'm not sure I could do it either! I find it hard not to cover every inch with patterns or writing of some sort.

inge said...

Hello Sue,

I had to smile reading this post...

I like the clean, simple projects some people make. I can find then beautiful, but it's not my cup of tea !

I want layers, texture, colors, .... I don't like it when my projects look to bare. For me they feel not finished then.
Maybe hard to explain, but if you've been to my site ( I think you did in the past) you will have noticed my "busy" style :)

This is how I like to work and it would be ver hard for me to stick to such a simple page you had to to ! LOL

greetings from Belgium