Thursday, 5 August 2010


Noooooo not a strange new recipe but stuff from my garden!
I have a friend staying at the min so no time to make new art to show but I thought I'd share this FAB fennel plant from my garden. It obviously loved the hot dry weather we had erarlier this summer as it is enormous! I love umbelliferous plants........the shape is so pleasing somehow!

While I was out admiring the fennel plant I suddenly spotted this little guy sitting in the gravel. I picked him up and he curled cute! A bit of a sad story really as I realised he was not actually looking that well, he could not walk properly and was out in the day time, never a good sign with off to the local wildlfe hospital we went! I hope he recovered.


Susan Allan said...

I love your photograph of the fennel. Such a majestic plant and the aroma... mmm.

I love umbels too.

Hope hedgie gets well soon.. keep us posted, won't you.

Will you use the fennel in one of your creations?
Sue xx

Cath Wilson said...

Aw, poor little nedgenog - hope he survived. There have been precious few this year due to lack of slugs, due in turn to bad winter and dry weather - really sad. I have a really soft spot for the gorgeous creatures. Love the fennel - haven't seen (or smelled) fennel for a long time but now I really must find one somewhere!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love love the Fennel, which you know of course. Your pictures are fab Sue, very creative. Aaaaah that poor little fella, hope he makes a full recovery, he is gorgeous. Hope you and your friend are having a good week. Tracy x

Helen said...

I love the photos of the fennel, it looks huge from that angle, fantastic!! Poor little hedgehog, fingers crossed.

JoZart said...

Gorgeous pics... I love fennel and the little tiggywinkle is sweet ... hope he recovers well.

Carol said...

Awwwww Sue......we dont' have hedgehogs over here. To me they were just a PENNY BLACK stamp!!! So wonderful to see that they truly ARE read and that you tried to save one. Hoping he is ok. The fennel is GORGEOUS!

Beth Norman said...

What a cute hedgie. Here in Canada we have them as pets and my dad had one. It was so friendly and would come out of its shell for my dad. Hedgie liked my dad to tickle his tummy.

Kimber said...

your comment about not a recipe-lol, but eeewww! ha!
beautiful fennel!
poor little hedgehog - fingers crossed for a full recovery. so good you came across it and could help. so cute!