Saturday, 7 August 2010


Guess where I went this week?!

I had a friend to stay this last week and so have been out and about and this is one of the places we decided to visit.
For anyone reading this that doesn't know THE LOWRY it is a gallery at Salford Quays dedicated to the work of LS LOWRY a famous artist from Salford.We had a lovely visit and it prompted me to make a journal page!

While there I bought a sheet of wrapping paper with the distinctive Lowry stick figures all over it and several postcards. I stuck a piece of the wrapping paper in my journal and then applied gesso over it to tone it down a little. Then I cut up the postcards and arranged the images on my page. The letters for the title were cut from the Radio ever useful magazine!

I just love the one of the man lying on a wall! I got that as a bookmark too (I collect bookmarks)! The two standing figures were a seperate postcard, I just added them over the image of the man on the wall!

Very simple but so effective image of a dog! The images were outlined with charcoal pencil and smudged to make them stand out more.


Wendy said...

I love the man on the wall.......what a cool bookmark. This is a fab page and I NEED a copy of the Radio Times lol we don't get that but maybe i need some. I love your use of your postcards too and thank you for mine x

Helen said...

Wonderful! I collect bookmarks too - mainly the free ones you pick up in bookshops along with your books - though I used to and still have a huge collection of bought ones too!!! Great idea to use the postcards on your journal.

Netty said...

This is a fab page and you had such a great time. Enjoy the weekend, Annette

Sid said...

Fab stuff and the Lowry is cool, been loads of times but i live on the quays anyway !!

CuddlyBunny said...

Wow, this is a stellar creation!

Athena said...

Absolutely wonderful art! Yours, of course ;)

I first heard of Lowry,in my x stitching years. I loved the designs then.

Chris said...

I love this Sue. It's so distinctive yet all your own.

I live near Mottram, where Lowry lived in his later life. I've never been to the gallery though.