Saturday, 20 February 2010


my play days with Helen and Sarah when I leave!
Yesterday we decided to have a journal day and took our inspiration from the DIANA TROUT book Journal Spilling. If you head over to SARAHS blog.......THE ART OF MOODLING.....she has a YouTube video by Diana explaining what we did!

I ended up with three pages cos we had to let paint dry in between processes.......makes it look like I was mega productive!!

I even wrote on these pages, unheard of for me though because these had no focal image the writing sort of filled them in.
All in all a very interesting exercise!


Helen said...

Your play day looks great fun, and what brilliant work you did.

Sarah Anderson said...

Sue you're gonna make me cry! We'll have to think of some way of doing play dates via the internet LOL
LOVE how these pages look with the writing on :) Gorgeous!!

Athena said...

These are really fabulous. Thanks for inserting all of the links.

DonnaMundinger said...

Love these pages! will have to investigate the technique. I think your blogging friends are going to miss your play dates as much as you will. xxD

Sid said...

These pages look simply fab Sue, loving your wording....even though it's not your thing !

Janet said...

I love these pages!

Diana Trout {} said...

Lovely pages, Sue. Oh you'll miss your friends!