Tuesday, 23 February 2010


This funny little art doll was one of the pieces submitted to CRAFT STAMPER for this months issue. It wasn't used in the mag but is online as a web extra project. Under the publishing rules I can't use pics of the other pieces on here but I can show this one as it is already online. For supplies list and instructions please refer to the CRAFT STAMPER WEB SITE


Heavens2Betsy said...

I love this Sue! She is very funky.

Sarah Anderson said...

hmmm, think I'm missing out not checking the web extras; love the hearts as wings :)

Laura Haviland said...

Hi Sue, this piece is so clever and artful "love it". I am a big fan of creating art dolls. I really enjoy all your creative art work, amazing. I will love following you and seeing what is new in your art journey.
Thanks for sharing, your have really awesome creative ideas.
Hugs,Laura. xoxx

DonnaMundinger said...

Love it! You are so creative it makes my head ache. LOL xxD

purplepaint said...

Hi Sue! I love your art doll! I just got your book "Handmade Decorative Books" and I love it!!!! I've made books before but I've learned a lot from it and love it! Just had to pop by and say hi! Marva

Summerthyme Studio said...

This is totally COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I shall be looking out for cotton reels in future! Loved your article in the mag Sue! xx

Gini said...

Hello Sue,
I always look forward to seeing what you have made for craft stamper every month and thought it was about time I came and said so!
I loved this project in craft stamper magazine and you inspired me to make my OWOH giveaway based on the idea. It's here if you want to look. (You don't have to though, obviously!)
Hope you'll still be able to craft to your heart's delight in Kadge-a-googoo (sp?!).
Good luck in your new adventures.

A travelling tip; if you see a bottle labelled "drink me" don't do it, you'll never be able to pick up your scissors as you'll be too small ;-)
Oh and I love your bird book shelves even more in this months craft stamper!!!