Friday, 16 October 2009


It has been a few days since I had chance to blog, a couple of reasons for this.........busy week, firstly getting samples finished for the SAMUEL TAYLORS BIRTHDAY celebration weekend which is this weekend in Embsay near Skipton, if you come alomg come and say hello, secondly a broken you miss it when it's not there! All fixed now apart from the scanner, which I discovered as I went to scan what I was going to blog tonight and it says I need to re-install the software! So that will have to wait till next week.

I also had a bit of a sort out (well quite a big sort out!) in my work room this week and came across this CD book. This was featured in Craft Stamper quite some time ago so I thought I'd show it here as I can't blog what I wanted to!

The reason for the sort out (apart from the fact it really needed it) was that I had friends coming round and you just could not get in there.............Sarah actually took pics of my work room and one of them is over on her blog.......THE ART OF MOODLING

The stamps used are PAPERBAG STUDIOS AND INVOKE ARTS, both available from THE STAMP ATTIC


Sarah Anderson said...

:)I thought I recognised this when I opened up your blog!! Nice to see it again though, I still love it

Chris Arlington said...

Just love your CD book! how inspiring! I sent your link to a friend she'll be over the moon when she sees it.

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Tinkertaylor said...

Fab CD book I'm coming to Skipton so I'll be saying hello

Athena said...

What a fantastic idea ans so beautifully designed.

p.s. Love your creative space

alcoholinky said...

love this book Sue. apart from your stamping, the CD makes for such an interesting shape.

Fliss said...

Great piece of work Sue. Just love CD books. Hope the weekend goes well.
Fliss x

Linda Elbourne said...

I am sooooo pleased you blogged this ... I never got the chance to tell you at the time that it was one of the most gorgeous pieces I had ever seen ... and inspirational ... I made my first CD book from your instructions all that time ago and I still love making them today ... so a really really really big THANK YOU from me :0)