Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I just received my copy of issue 8 of ART SPECIALLY magazine. I have two articles this time and I have to say I LOVE the way they are presented. I can't show you the pieces (publishing rules) but I can tell you that you will very shortly be able to get a copy of this issue from THE STAMP ATTIC
In case you don't know this mag, it is a Dutch publication and the text is therefore in Dutch but the artwork (not that I'm bragging here of course!!) and the photography are such that you hardly need the words!

The artwork on the front cover of the mag is stunning and is done by HERMINE KOSTER who was the featured artist a couple of issues back in Craft Stamper. If you don't know her work check out her blog , you won't be sorry!


Sarah Anderson said...

Brill! And that piece on the front of Hermine's is gorgeous!

Hermine said...

Your work in this issue is absolutely fantastic Sue, fell in love with it immediately, as always when I see your work.

chris f said...

Ditto what Sarah said !
Chris x

Chris Arlington said...

Fantastic! I just received my copy and will check you out. I am pickup up a bit of Dutch, but as you said the pictures tell it all.

kjjc said...

love these mags and the dutch is not that hard to understand as so many of the terms are english anyway so it is deffo worth getting them. they are great.Well done on all the work you have published in them -not just this copy but the back copies too.