Wednesday, 28 October 2009


A while ago I watched a documentary about BEOWULF the Old English epic poem considered one of the gems of Anglo Saxon literature and in the programme they mentioned Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh, Suffolk. What particularly took my eye was the ceiling of the church decorated with angels so while we were in Suffolk this past weekend we took a trip to see the church.

Oh my!! If you get chance and have an angel fetish like me (or even if you don't!) then it is well worth the trip. It is FANTASTIC, the carved wooden angels (there are several pairs of them) are BEAUTIFUL.

On Monday we went into London to the BRITISH MUSEUM to see the MOCTEZUMA exhibition. This fed another of my fetishes as there were some wonderful turquoise SKULLS on display!
The museum also has a DAY OF THE DEAD celebration going on on Nov 1st and so they had some FAB postcard books on sale with great Day of the Dead art in them. Had to get one of those!!

I was a happy bunny this weekend!!


Sid said...

Looks like you had a fab time ! Especually like the turquoise skulls.

Jan said...

I, too, have been into the church at Blythburgh and marvelled at the angels. Aren't they glorious! Not quite so sure about the skulls though!

Sarah Anderson said...

Those angels sound wonderful!! Skulls are a bit spooky but I LOVE the colour of them :) x

Dylan said...

Soooooo..... thats where you got the inspiration for your new peel off range..!!!!!