Thursday, 10 September 2009


I was just working on a journal page and had cause to use one of these things, as I was using it it occured to me that it would a fun thing to share with you on here!!
These things are address embossers and great for altered/collage style Mum who used to work in a solicitors office way back when says that every office used to have one and the address of the business was embossed on out going mail.
Old style MOT certificates also had the address embossed in the bottom corner...........that's why I had cause to use one of these, I was using an old MOT certificate for my page...........all will be revealed next week!

Anyway, back to these............I bought these a few years ago at my local craft/collectables/antique/junk place (Dagfields Craft Centre) for just a few pounds each. If you go looking for these just be warned that some of them are missing the embossing plates which makes them useless!! Stick a scrap of paper inside and press the handle to check!

This is what the addresses in my embossers look like...........I like the fact they are different fonts and the machines themselves look pretty funky sat on the shelf in my work room!!
I have rubbed over with little brown ink so they show up more.


Sarah Anderson said...

I love these embossers. We stayed in a little house near Alnwick for a couple of summer hols and inside was an address embosser for the address we were staying in - I soooooooo coveted it! Did emboss some paper but where on earth it is now is a mystery ;)

Tinkertaylor said...

Gorgeous I think these will be the next "must have"

Sid said...

I remember these ! You are right they were very popular and make great collectors pieces as well as being usable bits of equipment. Nice to own some too !!

chris f said...

Gosh, I worked in an office that had these - *~&% years ago!! Feel very old....Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop yesterday!
Chris F

Cath Wilson said...

Gosh, Sue - that takes me back to when I had a funky little machine with interchangeable cartridges for embossing envelopes and cards, etc. They were great! Love the address ones, though and I DO remember them - oops! Sign of my age?

Katharine said...

You are so full of ideas and loved meeting you at the Craft Barn yesterday. Hoping I can get into one of your classes when you are next here. Thank you for making the long journey.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

These are great! Why do all the cool art things take up so much space? Oh well...I will certainly be on the look out for them.