Friday, 10 January 2014

Shrigley binding

Have been thinking about bookmaking quite a bit lately........was browsing around online yesterday and came across something called "shrigley binding". It looked interesting especially as you can remove sections from the pages to work on them and then put them back. After searching around some more I couldn't find any instructions apart from a Youtube videa that I couldn't get to play so after studying the pics I found I think I have figured it out! If I haven't got it exactly right I think I'm pretty close.
 the edges are folded over and then the corners are folded to give these sections that the loose page slots into

 on the back of the same piece slits are cut in the corners to hold the loose page on this side
 I made 4 pieces so that gives 8 loose pages that can be removed and decorated

 these pages are now going to be sown onto this accordion folded spine and then covers will be added.............not got that far yet!

Watch this space for the finished book!


AngelicaS said...

Love how you can remove the pages...a great start to another amazing project...can't wait to see the result.

butterfly said...

That looks brilliant - so cool to be able to remove the pages... thanks for sharing the idea!
Alison x

Sarah Anderson said...

Well done you on working that out. I've never heard of that binding either, looks really interesting. Looking forward to your pages :)

Gráinne said...

Oh-so-adorable! From what I saw I think you did absoöutely great, I can't find any difference :-) Thanks a lot for sharing. Suzanne xx

Sid said...

Interesting book construction ... looking great so far Sue !

Carol Q said...

ooh, like that Sue, right up my street. Great texture on your removable cardstock too. looking forward to your created pages!

Renee said...

Beautiful project! I love the way the pages can be worked on and then inserted.