Wednesday, 15 May 2013

and keeps them in boxes

this is a follow on from my last post......
He gathers bones......and keeps them in boxes. 
After I made the first shrine I had a hankering to make another, so here it is......I'm not quite as happy with this one as the last one, I think it's the pink (if you are reading this....your fault Burnice!) but it's OK, I can live with it:)

 It's really hard to get a decent pic of the whole thing.....but I hope you get the idea!

 Am really liking the words on the doll faces..... kinda creepy:)

 and this idea I like too......saw something similar in one of the galleries I visited a while back

 this doll head is a weird shape......sort of alien looking don't you think.....or is that just me!?
Oops, just realised you can see the glue....need to paint that!

 Spot the skull stencil lurking in the back behind the hanging arms?? 
Courtesy of Andy Skinner!


Deborah said...

CSI: Jabberwocky :-)

Sarah said...

oh I bloody love your stuff I do :D

but I do wonder what a policeman might think if he wandered into your studio....or should I call it your lair? :D

Have you been watching the new Hannibal show? I've only seen one episode so far but I like it.

Carol Q said...

fascinating Sue! yes... where do you keep all your creations?

Netty said...

Guess its a case for Inspector Barnaby..........

Sarah Anderson said...

What a beautifully folded book mount ;) xxx

micky said...

Wonderful and weird!

Gráinne said...

Sue, words fail me for this one ... I can just say it's right up my alley ♥ Suzanne x