Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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 More doodling! 
This time the prompt was "monotone" and to make a collage of everyday items......I used car parking tickets......we have to pay to park almost everywhere these days and the tickets collect in the car...much to my husbands annoyance!
 So, stuck them on the page, gessoed over them and the drew around them with an Inktense pencil.....used a paintbrush to smudge it out a little

 and then doodled around the tickets with written numbers

 and with drawn numbers

 We are surrounded by numbers everyday!

 And finally.......I bought these A4 journals while shopping yesterday......they are by Seawhite of Brighton, have lovely paper inside and are FAB value at just £4 need to spend a fortune on expensive journals!


Helen said...

FAB doodling, great idea to use the car parking tickets. Those journal books look great too.

Sid said...

Great collage Sue, the notebooks look interesting !

Carol Q said...

just goes to show doodling doesn't have to be complicated to look fab Sue. thanks for the intro to Seawhite - they look very interesting.

~*~Patty S said...

Very cool Sue ... I must admit monotone would be a good challenge for me ... and funny when I first read "parking tickets" it made me think oh oh because that is what we call it when we get caught being in a meter spot and the time runs out (hope I explained that well!)

I always like the numbers in scraps of used these so well!

Happy May

Sarah Anderson said...

love the handwriting!

Kim Andersen said...

I love the doodling/handwriting - and yes, numbers are everywhere. What a great use of numbers here - you're a real number cruncher now :)