Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mum was a dress maker

I grew up with


 she was also a

 and an

 I just bought this BIG dress form stamp......this page is A4 so you can see how big it is......and it prompted a lot of childhood Mum used to make bridesmaids dresses.....I remember people coming to the house for fittings......once the dresses were made of red velvet and we had red dust for weeks! This dress is stamped on canvas!

 This page already had "stuff " on it.....been there WELL over 12 months, didn't like it much, couldn't decide what to do with it.......can you see the doily? looks almost like cogs......and the hole protectors? I worked over them, they added to the texture!


Ingrid Dijkers said...

Love it!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love the large dress form Sue, looks great on canvas and perfect for added texture. Great way to recall some childhood memories. Tracy x

Sid said...

Great pages, love the background !

Sherry Edwards said...

Beautiful piece!

Steph said...

Way cool, love all the texture!

Sandy said...

Hi Sue my friend,

I´ve been back and visit your stunning blog.
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow you are so very busy in the last time. Very inspiring art. Brilliant. I love them all.

Kaz said...

This is a gorgeous journal spread Sue, Love the dress form and massive lettering x