Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One last trip

As you now know I am leaving Kazakhstan to return to UK. With this in
mind we took one last trip out into the countryside this past
weekend..........I have to say I am sad that this was the last trip,
there is some fantastic stuff to see.
THe first pics are of Iron Age burial mounds at ESIK.......there were
more than 20 scattered across the valley. In the 60's one of these
mounds......ISSIK KURGEN... gave Kazakhstan one of its great
treasures......the GOLDEN MAN.........a burial containing a body
adorned with lots of gold decoration. There was a small but very good
museum with some of the stuff found.
After that we moved onto TURGEN GORGE where there was this lovely
And then back to ESIK for a visit to ESIK LAKE........a beautiful
glacial lake. In the 60's this lake was much bigger but a flood of
meltwater ran down the valley and broke the lakes natural dam, the
waters continued down the valley killing over 200
people.......thankfully it was very peaceful when we visited.
THe old style sign is a remnant from Soviet days and warns of
avalanches! I like the old style of the drawing!



Effie said...

Fabulous pictures..It'll be nice to back amongst your stash!

Gez said...

Breath taking photographs Sue. These memories will come back with you to the UK and stay with you forever :) Are you sure you want to come back.. there's lots of rain here today!!!

Good luck with the packing.xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

What more can you say other than WOW, spectacular sights. Look forward to seeing you on your return, we will have to find some breathtaking views of our own to cheer you up. Tracy x