Monday, 20 June 2011

Boxes everwhere and big news!

I have been having major problems accessing my blog over the past few
days.....hence no has been driving me crazy! While
searching around for solutions I discovered that I can post via email!
It is not a perfect way of doing things but I have to say it's better
than nothing!!!

So, here is the post I wanted to make last week!
A while ago my friend GEZ told me to go look at the blog ART IN RED
WAGONS......there was a post using old book covers to make
boxes! is here
Well I use old book paper/covers a lot so this appealed to me......I
had to have a go! It was great fun.....I can see me making more of

Now for my BIG NEWS! My husband has been offered a new contract that
will see him working on rotation......5 weeks in KZ and 3 weeks in
We are in the process of packing up here in KZ......these are the
packing boxes in the hallway of our apartment.....waiting for the final
contents.......hopefully they will be on their way later this week and
me shortly afterwards!!


Kimber said...

Love the book cover boxes! They are great.
Good news on the move back to UK. Won't it be nice to be home with all your stuff and local friends. And now you can add to your diversity when you talk about "When I lived in KZ..." lol

Willy said...

What a wonderful news, Sue!!

Anesha said...

That's great news!

Gez said...

Woohoo!LOVE your boxes. AMAZING :-D

FAB news to hear you are coming home.Xx

Barb Cady said...

That sounds great that you are coming home! I can imagine the party! Hope the move goes smoothly. x

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh good news about the move :-) Baad Baad blogger, that's v frustrating for you. Still, your e mail blog post worked ok! Love the book cover boxes, it's very 'you'!