Saturday, 9 October 2010

Not so exotic........

......but interesting, ........well I think so, life is not all bling and big chandeliers!
On Thursday I went with a UK friend and a local Russian friend to a place called BARAHOLKA. It can best be described as a market/bazaar where you can buy just about ANYTHING. As we are only about 300km from the Chinese border here in Almary a lot of the goods are very cheap Chinese.
We went looking for craft/haberdashery stuff for the things we are making at the handicrafts group for sale later in the year at the IWC charity bazaar.......a very good cause as the proceeds are used to make food parcels for eldery people here in Almaty.

 As you can see it's all very make-shift......lots of the stalls/little shops are made from old shipping containers.....I now know where old containers go to die!
 Camel hair socks.......ouch!! ITCHY!!
 The day was not helped by the fact it was POURING with rain! The market runs alongside the road for a few miles.
 My little haul from the day.
 They sell skeletons n Kazakhstan!!! Pull the cord on his head and his tongue goes in and out!
 Nice thread, braid and paper ribbon......all very cheap. The circle of leaf head pins was about 50p!
And finally.......this is a DOMBRA, a local two string guitar like instrument and I bought this for my husband as it was his birthday yesterday and he likes to mess with guitars!


mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, very interesting, your haul looks great and I love the braid. The camel hair socks would be lovely and warm but I'd have to have a thick liner, I'm such a woos!
Happy belated birthday wishes to your husband, hope you both had a great day:0) xx

Carol Q said...

quite a contrast to the other pics Sue and it must be interesting to see the different products on sale from the UK. reminds me of the way some of the Turkish people lived in their corrugated aluminium houses in southern Cyprus. but I expect it's like that in a lot of countries

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW! What a fun and bizarre score! LOVE that little skellie! xxD

Nigel said...

Why am I not surprised that you managed to track down a skeleton half-way round the world ;)

Interesting posts; a case of 'how the other half lives'.

Susan Allan said...

Hi Sue.
Thank you for this very enlightening insight into your life in Almaty, (is that the right spelling, I am on a different page now?)
It is facinating and is what a Weblog is all about.
I knew it could not be all sparkly and bright. Those socks are amzing..I like the natural colour of camel wool.

Such a good lot of cheap finds...just up your street, that sleleton and how fantastic to learn through you, how other people live and survive.. all I can say is thanks.
Sue xx

Wendy said...

Now I can see why you said you had wet feet!!! Looks like you had a good shopping day out. That paper ribbon looks nice and I would love to have been able to wander with you. Happy Birthday to Stuart.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love the haul Sue, the lace and braid looks yummy but the skeleton wins it for me, he is so funny especially with his tongue going in and out, love it. Must admit not too sure about the camel hair socks lol but the guitar type instrument, hope Stuart enjoys it too. Email you tomorrow. Tracy x

Sarah Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Stuart!! And Sue, I can't believe you found skeletons our shopping in Almaty lol Loving your images and your shopping finds

Carol Ann said...

These photos are so different from the hotel good to see the different faces of a city. Great little bunch of goodies there but the skeleton with the red tongue is a bit scary!
Carol Ann xx

olive said...

oh I wish I could have come shopping with you.... looks like you got some bargains...its interesting to see how other cultures live/work. Ciao xx