Thursday, 20 August 2009


The jounal I started on the jounalling workshop I went to is almost full!
So, today I took myself off to Hobbycraft and bought an A4 pad of 25 sheets 100lbs/220gsm medium surface cartridge paper for £5.85. With that pad, the back off it and some extra card saved from the backs of other paper pads and my trusty Bind-it-All I now have the 5 journals you see here!
Not bad for under £6.

The biggest is about 20cm square, next is about 16x20cm, then about 10x15cm and then 2 small ones at about 10.5x15cm, they each have either 12 or 13 pages.

I started out covering the covers with scrap book paper (the red one with diamonds) but then decided it would be better to cover them with my own stuff! So, that is what I used for the rest.

It is covered with a piece of paper from the pad I use to work on. Yesterday I was spraying a page in my other journal with a stencil and Adirondack spray inks, I dumped the wet stencil onto the pad, wiped the excess ink off with a baby wipe and then picked it up to reveal the pattern underneath!! It was almost nicer than the jounal page!


Sarah Anderson said...

Oh Sue these are gorgeous!! What a fab idea. Wow, was going to say I can't believe you've almost filled your journal, but actually I can! You've been working in it so much. I bet it's wonderful to hold and look through :)

chris f said...

Hi Sue - nifty idea! They look great too. Will you theme them do you think, or work through each one until it's done?
Personally I have drawers and drawers of card and paper of different colours, weights, textures - you've given me an idea how to use it all! Fantastic!
speak soon
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Nifty idea Sue, a bind it all is a handy gadget........must use mine more.........I too like the inky background one the best..........

Sid said...

Quite agree, that cover is gorgeous and looks really unusual too !! What a bargain all those journals for that small outlay.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful set of journals, and so economical too, excellent!

Sarah Feeney said...

Hi Sue! I've been trying to contact you but my emails get returned with an Undeliverable message. Just wanted to let you know that you've won a prize! See the announcement here:

Please email me!