Saturday, 22 August 2009


Ok, you might have noticed that I changed the header and background to my blog!!
I ABSOLUTELY love it!! If you don't that's Ok but don't be scared it's only a picture!

Just in case you were wondering it is called "Garden of Death", a painting from Finnish symbolist painter and graphic artist Hugo Simberg.


Carol Ann said...

Very unusual background I had never heard of Hugo Simberg I had a look at the link which was very interesting. It's great the things you learn visiting blogs! x

Sid said...

Have to say Sue, that's a really unusual background....but I do like it !!

Gillian McMurray said...

Brilliant background. I love it so I'm off to check out the Simberg link.

Sarah Anderson said...

Sue I love it! It's a great look. I'm not keen on the skeletons myself but I love how the whole blog looks, and how it reflects your likes!! Brilliant!

Linda Elbourne said...

I love the background Sue!