Tuesday, 26 May 2009


there are fairies!! Or so my Mum used to tell me.

I have a soft spot for fairies, not the over cutesy ones, but ones that look like they might be real, or that look like you imagine they would if they were real!

One of my favourite illustrators is Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) he illustrated many books including Wind in the Willows. Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Midsummer Nights Dream. His fairy illustrations are beautiful and make me wish they were real!
Anyway, at Port Sunlight stamp show I bought these fairy stamps from LAVINIA STAMPS, she has some of the nicest fairy stamps around, these three come as a set. She also had this tree house stamp set which I think is quite cleverly designed, it comes as two stamps, the main stamp is the tree house itself and then the second stamp is the leaves and dots. This means you can have as many or as few leaves at the top of the tree house as you like.


alcoholinky said...

this is lovely Sue. I have a few Lavinia stamps and very much like what you've produced with these. (

chris farnsworth said...

Lavinia is one of my favourites as well - the stamps are so delicate! Like you, fairies have to be somehow believable, and I love Arthur Rackham too. I think his illustrations helped me imagine all sorts when I was little, including fairies at the bottom of the garden!!

Sid said...

This is a lovely card Sue, love your colours and the composition too. I have a few Lavinias too and they are very useable.

craftytrog said...

I love those Lavinia fairies too, haven't seen the treehouse before though. Great card Sue! x