Monday, 5 January 2009



A little late I know but better late than never to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Everything I am working at the moment seems to be for future publication so I can't share them with you so thought I would show you these litle beauties that I bought over the new year break while in London.
I am always on the lookout for things I can alter or adjust or add things too and I have been looking for some wooden birds for a little while now for a project I have in mind and when I spotted these I was jumping up and down, not only cos I found some but cos they were cheap too! Ok, so I know they are pink but that can VERY easily be changed!! For an idea of what I want to do with these go to Wendy Vecchi blog and see the piece she made in a workshop with Tim Holtz
All I need now is an old phone!!!!
Also while I was away I saw some handmade birds with very long wire legs and BIG feet that quite took my fancy as well so might have a go at one of those too!! A case of watch this space!

And then there is this!! A giant safety pin, it's about 13.5cm (51/4") long and apparently it's for holding stitches while knitting!!! I can just see something (not sure what yet) hanging from it or.........whatever!! Another of those things that you just have to buy when you see them.

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joanne wardle said...

lol, I have those pins for holding stitches on, I never considered that they may have another purpose!