Friday, 8 November 2013


 This figure is the Venus of Willendorf, it is thought to have been made about 24,000 years BC and was dug up in 1908 in Austria.

 Letters cut from magazine

 strips of masking tape and text coloured with bit of paint and water colour crayons

 If only this was the figure that was held up for us all to aspire to look like instead of those ridiculously thin, ill-looking, androgenous models that we are all meant to try and look like I think most of us would have no problems with the way we look!!!!!!!!.... rant over:)


Sid said...

Super creation Sue !

Nigel Roberts said...

Wonderful page, and good to see you haven't forgotten how to rant ;)

Chris Arlington said...

Thanks Sue,
I agree. I am glad I am old enough
to not give a rat's a** what people think of me. It's very liberating. We get too soon old and too late smart as my Grandma would say