Saturday, 24 August 2013

After Albania

we spent 3 days in Vienna. 
It was an artsy few days, well Vienna is an artsy sort of place......famous as the home of Klimt.....we saw several Klimt pieces including The Kiss and The Beethoven Frieze (no photos allowed) and this, the death part of Death and Life

 I also discovered a new-to-me-artist ......Egon Schiele....he was a protege of Klimt and you can see the influence but his work is also different

 One of the things I wanted to see while in Vienna was the Hundertwasserhaus......a collaboration between artist Hundetwasser and architect Joseph was AMAZING!!
And I have to say it reminded me a little of the Gaudi stuff in Barcelona.

 Then a short walk down the road you find.....

 KunstHausWien........Hudertwassers museum and gallery

 inside was a cafe designed by Hundertwasser .....nice apple cake:)

 and even the loo was decorated


Janet Ghio said...

oh cool! I love Hunterwasser and have seen photos of this in books, but not as many as you have posted.

~*~Patty S said...

OH Love seeing your travel pix Sue...this looks like such a lot of eye candy!
I am a BIG Klimt fan...we have a framed poster of Der Kuss above our bed...(sorry I got exciting hearing you got to see it in person!)

Anonymous said...

Cool i have been to that Hundertwasser house too, and I really loved it.

Gráinne said...

Very beautiful pics - thanks a lot for sharing them. Hope you can hold your impressions for a while :-)
Have a great Sunday, Suzanne

Pam McKnight said...

wow, really what a great trip. Great photos of some cool art. Thanks!