Sunday, 1 July 2012

Incurably curious

that's what I think I am! 
Yesterday I headed to London and the first stop was just across the road from Euston Station (very handily)
.......a free destination for the incurably curious!

A friend on Facebook said shethought I was intrigued with the macabre and the gruesome......I agree and I took that as a compliment:) 

So the MEDICINE MAN collection was right up my street!
Here a few pieces from the collection......some of the pics are not so good as they were taken through glass but you get the idea:)

 Birth forceps through the ages.......makes me squirm and brings back memories:)

 A scolds bridle......I think I might have spent a lot of time wearing one of these!

 A Japanese papier mache acupuncture figure

 Nail figure from The Congo....used to fix oaths and heal the him:)

 Chastity belt.....apparently it was once lined with velvet.....gee thanks!

 Anti-masturbation rings......enough said!

 Japanese sex aids!

 Charles Darwins walking stick.....a man after my own heart!

And finally.....
a Chinese doctors shop sign with strings of human teeth hanging underneath!


Burnice said...

Cor blimey - I would have loved to see that - on my list. Fancy Charles Darwin having a skull on his walking stick!
We would probably have been sharing the scold thingy!
Burnice x

Deborah said...

Always meant to pop in there when I've been to the British Library. Definitely want to now!

olive said...

wow..... who knew that Charles Darwin was a Goth!!!!!! skulls rule. everything else made me squirm

Sid said...

What a great variety of delightful items Sue !!

Seeing Things said...

Oh, the cold chill running down my spine as I peer at those forceps...memories;)

Some pretty great items in this collection, love the "teeth", thanks for posting, really fun!

Carol Q said...

It's a fab place isn't it Sue? I went there years ago when I was at college and got to see lots of anatomical things in bottles. I'm not sure if they've still got those!