Thursday, 10 May 2012

Childhood and imagination

It was announced on Tuesday that American author and illustrator of childrens books Maurice Sendak had died, he is most famous for 
the story of Max, a small boy sent to his room as punishment, and how he creates his own world peopled with imaginary creatures.
I don't actually remember this book from my own childhood but I do remember reading it my son. Mine was filled with other stories......I DESPERATELY wanted to be George in Enid Blytons Famous Five books (I grew up with 3 brothers) and later to be Nancy Drew!

The story of Max being sent to his room as punishment makes me Mum used to say that she could never send me to my room as punishment as that is where my books were kept and I was MORE than happy to be there.........she often said that I lived in a world of my own! 

I also used to have imaginary friends as a in particular comes to mind that lived in a lamp post at the end of the road and when we went out I had to go collect it and then take it back at the end of the day (it had a name but that's secret)'s something my sister teases me about when it's mentioned answer to her always is "it's called having an imagination!"
 I like to think I still have that:)

I decided to make a journal page in tribute to imagination and imaginary worlds.......I found pics online, printed and cut them out........then used quite a few leafy/planty stamps to create the background before adding the characters and words on top. 

Michael deMeng wrote an interesting blog post on Where the Wild Things Are and it's influence on him.........CLICK HERE TO GO READ IT.

When I do something he considers weird or strange.....which apparently is quite son will ask me "what planet do you live on???".........I like to think and hope that it's


Gez said...

Fabulous post Sue. Fitting tribute, your pages are outstanding.

I remember George! I gave my full set of books to my son to read and now they are being loved all over again, he thinks some of the wording is a bit odd these days but each story is a little treasure. Thanks for the memories!

Artyjen said...

What a great post and a wonderful page. I still think I am George!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Anonymous said...

Awesome, great background

Sid said...

Fab pages ...... you wild thing !!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous imaginative piece, I love the images and great background too. Enjoyed your write up too, you guessed it though I don't know George lol. Tracy x

Sandy said...

So cool monster page Sue.
Awesome and funny.

Have a lovely weekend dear Sue. xoxo

Cath Wilson said...

Absolutely love this, Sue - stunning work. You should be a children's book illustrator. I never read this one, though - sounds as if my education is sorely lacking xxx

Sarah Anderson said...

this book used to give my sister nightmares lol