Friday, 9 March 2012

All the work

 that has been going on at my house is more or less finished so I thought I'd give you a little guided tour!
 All the building work started because we needed to have new windows fitted....the old ones were 20 years old and in a pretty bad state! While discussing the work we decided to have the old back door moved, a window added where it was and a new door put in.......all because we were going to have a new kitchen at some point.....................some point then became a few weeks after the windows etc! This was back in October/November last year.

 While the kitchen was being fitted someone commented that it would look even better if the wall between the kitchen  and the very little used dining room was removed.........mmmm good in January we had the wall used to be just this side of the light in the pic below.

 Moving on then into the living room (just through the archway in the pic above) we had a wood floor fitted, then a new fireplace and fire

 the wood floor was carried on into the hallway.......the stairs were stripped (I did it and it was one AWFUL job that I wished on many occasions I hadn't started) and a new carpet runner put in.....I've wanted one of these with stair rods for years!

 up onto the landing where all the bedroom/bathroom doors were replaced with recycled old ones.....the final stage was re-decorating. It has been several months of hard work but I LOVE the results!

 So, with all this work going on the last several weeks I thought I would have lots of time time to spend in my studio creating but it wasn't to be so my blogging has been pretty intermittent!
It is going to get worse before it gets better, there is going to be nothing on here for the next two weeks as I am off on holiday on Sunday! Am VERY excited as I (and my husband) are heading to 
(it's in south-west Africa)
See you when I get back..........with lots of pics to bore you with!


Helen said...

Wow! That really is a makeover! It looks fabulous now, so it was worth all the hard work and upheaval - hope when you get back from your holiday you enjoy your new space! Have a great time in Africa.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous it looks too and so worth all the hard work, disruption and inconvenience. You can now enjoy your well earned holiday. Have a fabulous time both of you, enjoy every minute. Tracy x

Carol Q said...

what a lovely homely, comfortable looking house Sue. (that's not meant to be as boring as it sounds!!) have a FABULOUS holiday in Nambia. Not envious at all lol.

Siobhan Brignull said...

ooh do you need a house sitter whilst you are gone it looks fab, have a fab holiday hun, missing your inspiration already x

JoZart said...

It looks so amazing and it's lovely to see it looks like a quality stylish home and not like a furniture or kitchen shop. Well worth all the upheaval and inconvenience.
Have a wonderful holiday, you deserve it,
JoZarty x

Effie said...

Looks stunning....makes me want to decorate...well almost! Have a grat holiday.

Sid said...

House looks great and enjoy your fab trip !!

Palma said...

You have fine taste and your home is beautiful inside and out.
Wishing you both a fabulous trip!

Burnice said...

Looking good Mrs Roddis. I think you have deserved your holiday in Namibia. Can't wait for the photo's (I think!).
Burnice x

Val said...

Wow - fabulous makeover - definitely worth all the upheaval.

Hope you are faving a fabulous holiday.

uglybug1 said...

Wow what a lovely house. Been following your blog for a while and this is the sort of house I could imagine you having bueatiful and colourful, full of all the things I love. Enjoy your holiday.
Love and bugsxxxxxxx