Thursday, 16 December 2010


 as I have been off on my travels again. This time I have been to one of my favourite north Yorkshire........home of the fabulous 
WHITBY you can see from the above pic it was COLD......the pond in front of the abbey was frozen!!

 I love all the arches and columns of the ruined abbey

 Whitby is also the home of the whale bone arch monument to  
CAPTAIN COOK.......the original arch was erected in about 1853, a replacement arch was donated by Norway and erected in 1963 followed by a third donated by Alaska and erected in 2003.

 There are also huge cliffs that are full of fossils like this ammonite

  It is also home to FORTUNES SMOKE HOUSE......famous for their kippers......not my thing but my husband loves house will smell of them all weekend!

 The 199 steps up to the abbey and the more recent church where there was a display of decorated Christmas trees and school children practising for their upcoming carol service.......very festive!

 Quant narrow streets with lots of shops selling the local gemstone.......WHITBY JET......I got my Chrstmas present!

As I said Whitby is one of my fav places......if you get chance to go I recommend it!


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Looks fabulous Sue, the Abbey is stunning and I love love the quaint streets, will have to keep Whitby in mind. Thanks for the insight. Tracy x x

She said...

I love Whitby too, your photograph's a fabulous Sue.

Thank you, I feel another visit coming on:)

ALI said...

have you ever been to Whitby on Halloween?

bockel24 said...

Wow, thanks to your wonderful photos it really looks beautiful - just like a place I´d love to visit! And as I´ve just finished reading Anne Enquist´s book about Cook and his wife, the monument seems quite interesting to me. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah A said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of Whitby and the history lesson! My kids want to visit to see the fossils!


Tinkertaylor said...

You didn't mention the fabulous fish and chips! If you love Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay further down the coast is a must see.

Sam said...

Looks like a wonderful place. The abbey ruins are spectacular and remind me of Glastonbury abbey. Great fossil photo too!

Effie said...

Love Whitby... did you have fish and chips at Hadley's?

Sarah Anderson said...

I discovered (in the early hours of this morning whilst not sleeping) that there is a victorian science lab you can go and visit it Whitby!! Very steampunk :)