Wednesday, 27 January 2010


When I made the TIN MAN piece (couple of posts back) I started out using an ALTOIDS tin for his body but couldn't make it work how I wanted so set it aside.
Today I am yet again messing around when I should be doing something else (sorting all the stuff in my work room out!) and came across the discarded tin and decided to have another play with is the result!

The wings are an old shuttlecock with actual feathers (I bought 9 of them recently!) cut in half and glued to the back of the tin.
The rusty bit in the back of the tin is rusty paint that fell of my garden gate and the thing standing to one side with the hearts dangling from it is an old valve!

I am reading DISSOLUTION by C J SANSOM (good book by the way) at the moment and the main character is Matthew Shardlake who is a hunchback...........wonder why this made me think of him!!??

The red glass heart is hung from a fishing swivel! I LOVE my old junk and collected stuff!!


Deanna Cosgrove said...

This is hilarious and just twisted enough to tickle my fancy ;)

Helen said...

Love the non-energetic use of the shuttlecock, really fun idea.

prashant said...
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hazel said...

He's fantastic, I love him.
xxx Hazel.

Sarah Anderson said...

We love your old junk and collected stuff too!!! :)
Great face, and don't those shuttlecocks make great wings ;)

Suzy B said...

Having read a differant book by CJS I see what you mean about Shardlake ... lol

DonnaMundinger said...

Your imagination astounds me! Love him, he's hilarious! xxD

Sid said...

Rather weird but super piece very fab 'wings' too !

froebelsternchen Susi said...


fantastic Sue!
Lg Susi

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Chriss Rollins said...

he is one scarey tin man but a whole lot of fun.

have a great Sunday.

Chriss x